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At Instant Yogi, we believe that with practice you can achieve a heightened sense of self-discipline that will help you instantly calm yourself, stay centered, balanced, aligned and peaceful.

It takes a dedicated spirit to master the art, but once you have, there’s nothing stopping you from being the best you can be!

Instant Yogi Philosophy

Mind over matter

Corporate Classes

Desktop Yoga – Designed for the Sedentary Employee

We understand that your work is important to you, and to take time off from it is difficult. We also understand that unless you take care of yourself, you cannot work to your full potential. Desktop yoga can be done without moving from your desk. These are short, 20 to 30 minute yoga sessions taught over a course of 5 days. These exercises target the main stress injury areas of desktop employees such as neck, wrist, shoulders, back, eye-sight, stress, lack of energy etc. The group will also be given an instruction audio that they can plug, play and practice yoga long after the course is done.

Our Testimonials

  • Yoga sessions at TOMS began with a lot of laughs as usual, but were soon streamlined to effective classes that had every employee thinking about the merits of seriously pursuing the discipline. We do look forward to more Instant Yogi sessions at work to improve the efficiency and productivity of our team.

    Tina, Tourism Online Marketing Services
  • Loved the workshop; probably the most relaxed few minutes at the workplace. Personally, I haven’t ever believed in the power of meditation, but I sincerely thank you for bringing this to our lives. I know that whether I do any other asanas or not – meditation and yogic breathing is something I am definitely going to practice regularly. Thank you.

    Nidhi Chitlangia
  • I feel so relaxed after yoga sessions. Mind is relaxed and stressless, and body feels fresh – and I feel cheerful after Yoga. I have relief from my bodyache. Thank you.

    Merin Saju
  • It was an awesome experience. This is the first time I am practising yoga, and after this I can feel an energy in my body and mind. I will try to practice this daily.

    Mohammed Aneesh





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